Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Carious: Yule Log Cake

Oops. I'm late. But there's 12 days of Christmas right? So..

Merry Christmas! =D May the coming year be filled with joy and love. And plenty of wealth and cake!

So I was wondering what to make for Christmas and was pretty much bombarded with suggestions - Kueh Lapis, Nine-Layer Kueh, Ondeh Ondeh, Gingerbread, Puddings and Souffle. Then, I chanced upon THIS GOLD MINE. Now with that beautiful step by step tutorial and an enticing picture, who can resist? I love JoePastry. Reads that website every other day for inspiration and of course, tutorials. Do check it out guys!

Since the trivia for yule log cake is up on JoePastry's site, I'm gonna talk something more Dental. Oh well you know what I'm studying, right? ;)

Apparently, chocolate can help protect your teeth from tooth decay. *throws confetti and ignites fireworks* The cocoa oil coats the teeth and forms a sort of protective layer on the teeth, thus conferring some protection against bacterial attack. Of course chocolate bars contain sugar and all so it will still encourage some bacterial growth and other health related ailments such as obesity so it's good to eat in moderation. Or go really dark as dark chocolate has less sugar. Then again of course that is no reason to stuff yourself with chocolate and avoid cleaning your teeth altogether.

All the things you need to know about each component is on his website, including clarified butter. Omg clarified butter. I can't get enough of that stuff. No really, its right up THERE in my list of loves.

I didn't get a picture of the inside though cause my lovely camera decided to go on strike. Urgh. The lens couldn't retract! URGH!

Anyway, I've filled my cake with salted caramel cream cheese filling. I had extra salted caramel cream cheese filling from my macaron adventure e other time so those came in handy. The recipe is from HERE!.

For the chocolate ganache, I didn't go the 1 - 1 cream-chocolate ratio because I didn't have a weighing scale. I just used my whole 300g bag of chocolate with 200ml of cream. Better to have more chocolate than less! And woah, was the decision good. The chocolate ganache was the talk of everyone who tasted it. Yums.

I haven't got a mixer then so I whisked the eggs and sugar with my bare hands for a good half an hour. OMG. Changed locations and positions and grips and hands so many times just to relieve the ache. Gah. But the product was worth it. OH SO WORTH IT.

Pressure points and top tips! (from trial and error) =D

1) Check the measurements of your pan. I had a smaller 12 x 15 pan so I shrunk the recipe to a 4 egg one. Joe's recipe makes for a pretty long log.

2) Clarifying butter - don't pour the hot butter through a nylon sieve. Gah. Melted a big hole in mine. Yikes. I didn't have the stuff that he recommended to sieve the hot oil so I just skimmed the top for the browned butter than I needed.

3) Remember to check out his jelly roll tutorial to see how to prepare the sponge. It really helps with the shape of the cake.

4) I poured the ganache all over the chilled cake and then chilled the entire cake again for 5mins. I then scraped the chocolate from the plate and swiped it all over the cake. It worked pretty well for me. Alternatively, I guess we could chill the ganache and then spread it like nutella but I'd prefer pouring it all over cause the sponge is pretty delicate and breaks easily.

Other than that, I think imma gonna make a log cake every year now. =D

Merry Christmas guys! Love u all! =) Stay safe!

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